Calibrated Steel Plates

Our range of calibrated, metal power lifting plates is built and colored in accordance with the Global Power Lifting Alliance and International Powerlifting Federation specifications for easy identification and use. The plates are built to be used with 50mm size sleeve barbell

Plate weights available:

25 kg – 30 mm thick

20 kg – 24 mm thick

15 kg – 19 mm thick

10 kg – 16 mm thick

5 kg, 2.5 kg,1.25 kg


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Challenge Bumper Plates

Our bumper plates are constructed to fit a 50 mm barbell sleeve and conform to the International Weightlifting Federation norms. Our 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg plates have a standard diameter of 450 mm. They are constructed using a steel core covered with the highest quality neoprene rubber to provide the optimal bounce when you drop the weight. The 10 kg (Green), 15 kg (Yellow), 20 kg (Blue) and 25 kg (Red) are colored according to IWF specs as well.